About Love… in scientifically accurate poem form.

The heaviest weight my neck should bear is a 22-bone skull, 100 billion neurons, 100,000 miles of blood vessels, myelin, and long, dark hair.   Yet what weighs heaviest exists invisibly. Consciousness, sentience, wakefulness, subjectivity. Thought, ideas, the arrangement of ideas as an outcome of thought, the either spontaneous or willed act of thinking which produces thought.... Continue Reading →

Creative collaborations on little sleep, fashioned of scant material, against colorful canvases, beneath sun or strobing lights.   Shutter clicks, director’s cues, internal dialogue.   Inspiration, frustration, sensuality, duality. Our species is: artist.  Nutrition source: light or the lack thereof — natural, cfl, led.  Our artistry dances on two sides of the same piece of... Continue Reading →

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