The End of a Tour

I managed to make it to the end of my tour without writing much at all along the way.  I had an amazing trip, and the only thing I would change is spending an hour every day just journaling.  I put a lot of pressure on myself to make perfect posts every time I sat... Continue Reading →

About Love… in scientifically accurate poem form.

The heaviest weight my neck should bear is a 22-bone skull, 100 billion neurons, 100,000 miles of blood vessels, myelin, and long, dark hair.   Yet what weighs heaviest exists invisibly. Consciousness, sentience, wakefulness, subjectivity. Thought, ideas, the arrangement of ideas as an outcome of thought, the either spontaneous or willed act of thinking which produces thought.... Continue Reading →

Chicago in a Nutshell

I’ve never considered myself a city person, but NYC makes me long deeply for LA.  I guess I’ve already accomplished a goal on this trip, then, to take a break form LA.  Once I got to work here, I started feeling more grounded, but while the city buzzes on and on, I sit solo in... Continue Reading →

The Journal of a Traveling Nude Model

Thanks for joining me on this incredible adventure! I'm an Los Angeles-based model who thrives on creativity.  I am taking a break from LA and have booked shoots in: Chicago, NYC, Philly, Raleigh, NC., Orlando, Miami, Sarasota, and St. Louis (so far).  I am excited to take this opportunity for self-reflection, exploration, and lots of... Continue Reading →

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