New York City: Year 2.

If you read my few posts from 2018, you will know that last year I built a 50+ shoot, 7-week tour all on my own (and with a little help from a friend) in over 25 towns and cities across the U.S.  In my dreaming, dreamy head I was going to write this epic blog-novel... Continue Reading →

New York City: Part 1.

NYC.  I slayed it.  It devoured me.  We're even. I arrived in New York on the afternoon of April 30th, spat out into the subway among a throbbing vengeance of a trillion footsteps, smirking New Yorkers trampling me as I lugged 70 lbs of lingerie to the L line. In a residential Brooklyn neighborhood, I... Continue Reading →

Thisbe’s Thoughts on Love

There is no way around those days that are made up mostly of romantic moments in states of stillness, from making it into the bank of memories that ping your aging heart. We really are just muscle and blood, formed out of history’s rubble and backsplash.  Time, incidental, makes the made unmade, and the unmade... Continue Reading →

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