Creative collaborations on little sleep, fashioned of scant material, against colorful canvases, beneath sun or strobing lights.  

Shutter clicks, director’s cues, internal dialogue.  

Inspiration, frustration, sensuality, duality.

Our species is: artist.  Nutrition source: light or the lack thereof — natural, cfl, led.  Our artistry dances on two sides of the same piece of glass.  Alchemists of light, painting with refracting waves while energy and momentum collide and conserve, we impose limitations to free our spirits and our minds.  The work, the art, the life, is never done.  But, we move through time and space as if anything has an ending.

I strike poses.  Form faces.  Quiet my inner critic by acknowledging it.  I feel everything.  Am everything.  See through everything.  Am nothing.  I’m on screen.  I am the screen, but the screen is not me.  It looks pretty, but I am disconnected from it.  It looks like me, doesn’t feel like me.  I accept it intellectually, with incredulity.  Don’t overthink it.  Work it.

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Above: From my trip this week to San Luis Obispo with Joel Sigerson

Below: From my shoot with Mega Media Entertainment last weekend

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