First Night.

All the stuff I own is wrapped up tight in a 10x10ft storage unit.  I couldn’t stand to put the stuffed wolf that I’ve anthropomorphized and slept with for the past 2 years in a box, so Partario stands guard. 11464985-3698-4764-9382-18D24A1C1B4C

1:23am.  I can’t sleep.  I miss my bed.

I’m lying awake on my friend Eliza’s* couch; my mind refuses to stop conversing with itself.  6 hours until waking.  We will get up early to do my hair/makeup for an all-day photoshoot with one of my favorite collaborators, Mega Media Entertainment, and I’m so happy I got my friend on the project.

It’ll be my 3rd shoot in a year with Mega Media.  I always leave our shoots inspired, energized, and with a portfolio full of magazine-worthy images.   This shoot is the perfect way to kick off my journey as a traveling model.

I still have 10 days left in LA.  After my shoot tomorrow, I’m heading up the coast with my dear friend (he’s kinda great), to laugh lots and make beautiful photo-art in a couple of awesome hotels and some beautiful, clothing-optional beaches.  After our return, I’ll have just one week left in the City of Angels before venturing East.  Two more booked shoots, hopefully another behind the camera, and then me and my suitcase full of carefully organized lingerie will be off and running.

That’s when things will get interesting.

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*name has been changed for privacy

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