My Last Night with a Home (for a while)

This is it!  The moment that, for months, I’ve dreamed of, plotted, and spun into action.  My last night living in Los Angeles, my last night with a home to call my own (for a while).

As one can imagine, Los Angeles life can be hard, competitive.  It’s a city I never imagined I’d find myself living in, spinning my wheels sometimes just to get ahead, only to wonder what I’m even getting ahead of.  Finally, now that I have substantial savings, now that I am out of debt, now that I can afford an apartment on my own again, I’m skipping the city.  Hitting the east coast.  Going on tour.

And, these are the chronicles of my nude modeling tour.  My traveling model-logue.  A monologued adventure written in part to get my writing brain active again, in part to entertain you, and in part because it simply deserves to be written down.  Somehow, I’ve managed to book 25+ photo shoots in 9+ cities across the east coast, and counting.  Won’t you come along for the ride?  It’ll be unforgettable.

I am Thisbe Lettres, a nomenclature derived to both disguise and distinguish a one-of-a-kind soul who wants only to be honest, unabashed, unafraid, and unashamed of her life, her journey, and her story.  I want to share what life on the road is like, and what it is like as nude model negotiating her own way, paving her own path, learning, adventuring, inspiring and being inspired.  But mostly, I just want to write a lot, and to write raw.

And, so the journey begins!


(Photo by Joel Sigerson.  Public park, North Hollywood)


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