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What do I offer and what do I do?   Here, I outline all of the many options to enjoy my fun, sexy content!
I share uncensored nude content on 3 platforms: Patreon, OnlyFans, and Snapchat.Membership on each has it's own separate perksMembership for one, gives you deep discounts on the others!  Each platforms' content is exclusive and not shared on the other platforms


Exclusive, Patreon-only larger photo sets, and longer videos monthly, professionally shot and edited, to all tiers.

Patrons also receive more tangible content like prints, and one-on-one video chat.

ALL patrons get deep discounts to my OnlyFans while they are a patron. The higher the tier, the deeper the discount: 60% is the lowest I can go, making OnlyFans only $13.99/month for the highest Patreon tier!   (See Patreon tier descriptions for details.)


✰✰✰ Daily content, all day, everyday! Video clips & photos I take on my phone throughout my day-to-day life

✰ Many OnlyFans subscribers also opt for private, erotic content sent through the OnlyFans pay-per-message system, where subscribers send tips directly for private, erotic content.  This is also possible outside of OnlyFans; just message me to set up a custom set!


✰✰✰The LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP✰✰ just $50!

I post daily nude content, like an instagram story but totally naked, up close, and personal!  

✰ Sign up for a lifetime Snapchat membership and ALSO receive a massive 45% off of my OnlyFans for the next 12 months!

✰✰✰To Sign Up forever: just send am amazon gift card to  (When you send me the gift-card, also send me your Snapchat username and I will add you right away!)✰✰✰

Now, THAT is a smokin’ deal!! 😍

Fine Art Prints:

✰ Make any of my nude or erotic art prints a part of your personal collection. All self-portraits shot on instant film, only re-touched for dust, the reprint quality is outrageously gorgeous at any size!


✰ Photo Sets and Videos sold separately without a membership. Some videos are downloadable! I am trying to upload something new every week. There are also some shared sets on there with another model.

Custom Lingerie Photos:

✰ Send me any item on this list and I will send you a 15-photo set of me modeling it, just for you! For any item over $25, I’ll send you a video of me modeling the item just for you, 30 seconds of video for each $10 over $25 you spend! Please note, I don’t post or share these photos/videos anywhere else!

✰✰✰ Free for Viewing: Instagram,  Etsy, (fine art print prievews), Art Pal (my non-modeling art)✰✰✰
✰✰✰I also offer private erotic “sexting,” phone sex, or video/photo trade sessions, through Snapchat, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or WeChat. Message me on IG or contact me here for more details. Serious inquires only.✰✰✰

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